David Lennox Booth

Edgware 30.1.1927 - Moylegrove 27.7.1996.

This page is my personal in memoriam for David Lennox Booth. He was truly a gentle man and I am very glad to have met him.

Of his many sides there is one that I want to bring forward here. Ever since being a little boy he has always been very fond of railways: an enthusiasm we shared.

Thumbnail jpeg of the Kodak wallet (6k)

David was not a man of words, so I will keep this short. When going through his old files with his daughter Marion, my girlfriend, we found a Kodak wallet containing dozens of photographs young David must have taken when he was a boy (footnote). Photographs of trains, trains, trains.

One of the most striking things of David Lennox Booth was his pleasure in making people happy by sharing what he had, often going to great lengths, yet without showing off. Therefore, I felt it is in his spirit to put a selection of these photos on the net. They may not be perfect, but they may mean something to someone interested in 1930's steam railways.

So far for what I wrote one year ago. Given the many, warm reactions I have received these pictures have indeed struck a chord, and Marion has told me quite a few times that David would have been very pleased, if not a bit surprised. Therefore I have now added seven more photos, even though the quality of these varies. I hope you will enjoy them, as so many did with the first ten.

Thumbnail of Photograph 1 (7k). Photograph 1 (58k).
LNER locomotive No. 2510 "Quicksilver".

If you're using a graphical browser, click on the small pictures to zoom in on the full version. Otherwise, follow the named links.
Photograph 2 (54k).
LNER Class D16 No. 8796.
Thumbnail of Photograph 2 (7k).
Thumbnail of Photograph 3 (6k). Photograph 3 (33k).
A King Class, probably at Slough.
Photograph 4 (76k).
LNER Class B17, "Hatfield House".
Thumbnail of Photograph 4 (7k).
Thumbnail of Photograph 5 (7k). Photograph 5 (45k).
A LNER class N7 and class V1, hauling a passenger train.
Photograph 6 (60k).
A Great Western express in Reading.
Thumbnail of Photograph 6 (7k).
Thumbnail of Photograph 7 (8k). Photograph 7 (62k).
A LNER class B12/3 and class N7.
Photograph 8 (56k).
LNER class K3 2-6-0, No. 125.
Thumbnail of Photograph 8 (8k).
Thumbnail of Photograph 9 (8k). Photograph 9 (69k).
Approach to Paddington Station.
Photograph 10 (57k).
Ready to depart from Paddington.
Thumbnail of Photograph 10 (8k).
Thumbnail of Photograph 11 (7k). Photograph 11 (46k).
Probably an LMS Jubilee Class 4-6-0 Loco; or maybe a GWR express.
Photograph 12 (37k).
Paddington, with a GWR "Hall" or "Star".
Thumbnail of Photograph 12 (5k).
Thumbnail of Photograph 13 (6k). Photograph 13 (39k).
A Churchward design 2-8-0 freight engine.
Photograph 14 (36k).
A LMS Beyer-Garratt.
Thumbnail of Photograph 14 (5k).
Thumbnail of Photograph 15 (6k). Photograph 15 (37k).
A Gresley A4 pacific.
Photograph 16 (35k).
Again a LMS Beyer-Garratt.
Thumbnail of Photograph 16 (5k).
Thumbnail of Photograph 17 (6k). Photograph 17 (39k).
Paddington. The loco is a "Hall" or "Grange", or maybe a "Star".

Dear reader, have these pictures touched you in any way? I would appreciate a reaction: either by private email, or by signing the guestbook. Also, if you know more about the engines portrayed, or about the places these pictures were taken, please let me know.

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If you're interested in more train pictures from the Britain and Ireland, the UK & Ireland Rail webring is the place to start. I also want to put the spotlight on these gems, each quite unique in atmosphere: Railways of the USSR, The A4 Preservation Society and Barcar.com. To conclude, my page with miscellaneous rail-links.

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One last word: I am perfectly willing to give permission to use these pictures in whatever way, as long as it is in the spirit of this page. You do need to ask first, however: they are not in the public domain. Also, do not publish any of them elsewhere on the net. Please respect them. Thank you.

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