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Rimas <> - 28 January 2006

Just dropping by. Having lived as a young boy in Yorkshire and seen the steam engines working, I've found (most seem to have appeared in the last few years) excellent postings on the Internet of historical pictures from the 1940s & 1950s.
Thanks for taking the time and trouble to share these pictures on a website. They truly are a historic treasure!
I came across your website via Google / search engine whilst looking for information and pictures on the LNER K3 engines.
Thanks for the good work!
(Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

James C. Hall <> - 11 January 2006

As one who, in the 1950s/60s, worked for the then BR Eastern Region at Stratford, Marylebone and Sheffield, I was ab;e to access many areas of the system denied the 'ordinary' gricer. At one time I harboured dreams of becoming an ifficial railway photographer, but such positions were scarcer than hens' teeth. Regrettably, the demands of work prevented full use of this proivileged situation, but my interest in photgraphy generally eventually severed this link, and led in entirely different direction. Now long retired, I look back on my days in the world of Steam railways - which started in infancy (since the Southern Railway lines into Clapham Junction ran past the bottom of our garden) with great affection.

ray bond <> - 9 January 2006

ex B.R.fireman, dover 1955 to 1966,stil driving steam here in australia on preserved railways, will be 70 this year, What a beautifull way to remember a loved one best regards and good luck for the future Ray Bond

Ken Street <> - 11 November 2005

Brilliant photos! I think I know where photos 1 and 15 were taken, but will need to take a trip there to finally check the site. Watch this space!

Dave Smyth <DSMYTH23@NTLWORLD.COM> - 14 October 2005

I worked at Hornsey as a fireman from 1950 to 1956,I followed my father on the railway, he too worked there from 1920 until he retired in 1961 from the footplate,he loved his job, dirty work - true, but the comradeship he never forgot

David Dent <> - 18 September 2005

Photograph nos. 5&7 were taken at Broxbourne on the Cambridge main line out of Liverpool Street. I am currently researching the history of this station and wondered whether it is possible to obtain copies of these particular photographs? Any help would be much appreciated.

G.D. Moffat <> - 25 June 2005

Hi, Thanks for allowing use of pics. Please feel free to visit Yahoo groups Friends of 52D.

Albert Grose <> - 4 May 2005

Good to know such photographic memories are still being made available. I look forward to many more.
Grateful thanks.
Albert Grose

Marion - 21 January 2005

The spirit of train-loving David is still alive through your web page. And a recent trip along Cumbrian roads next to the Settle - Carlisle railway brought back happy memories of a line that alas, David never travelled.

Reg Harvey <> - 27 October 2004

my dad was was a driver at Hornsey loco,untill his death in 1953 after 30 years, he would have to have seen your pics he loved his job
thank you

Gordon Richardson <> - 29 August 2004

I worked at Toton sidings as a cleaner from 1956 then a pass cleaner then worked my way up to fireman, I spent some time at Saltley, these years were some of the happiest of my life and if steam trains had not been fazed out I would still be working there now.

geoff wilcock <> - 15 June 2004

some great pics takes me back to 1959 to 1960's when dad worked in loco sheds

jerry oram <> - 13 June 2004

enjoyed your site but have been trying to find pictures on a steam train named Hercules can you help ?

Ron Booth <> - 20 May 2004

Have enjoyed very much browsing these pages.Brought back many happy memories Ex fireman Leicester [15C]

Brenda Leman.(nee) Tappin <> - 28 March 2004

Both my father and grandfather Wally and Sydney Tappin were 'Top link' drivers out of Kings cross, My father was one of an asighned crew to Quicksilver as was the practice in the fifties, My grandfather was associated with the 'Elizabethan.' Seeing your very evocative site was not only a wonderful tribute to your dear friend but also a tribute to the men who dedicated their lifes work to a long gone part of our social history.Thankyou so much.x

Brian Penn <> - 16 March 2004

Appreciated the photographs very much. I started work at Paddington in 1957 in the Divisional Superintendent's Office and spent 1959 until 1964 in the Div Control Office - great days. Finally left BR in 1996. I remember all the different steam locos that could be seen around London in those days - and elsewhere. Thanks.

derek palmer <> - 22 February 2004

My father was fireman on the engine Hatfield House when it worked out of the BurySt.edmunds loco shed in the 1950s.If any one has any more info or pics please contact me.I enjoyed the photos on this site.Thanks.

Dave Parkinson <> - 18 October 2003

Great photos! My grandfather was a top link driver at Patricroft (10c), Lionel Payne. His son, len was shed manager, and my father, Walter Parkinson a fireman. Anyone remembering them please get in touch. Many happy memories as a child on the shed.

Al Mitchell <> - 11 October 2003

I very much appreciate you making these pictures available. I have been taking picutres of ships & trains myself since childhood here in Vancouver BC., but have always been fond of checking out British trains, you folks have so enthusiastically preserved them!
Thanks Again, Al.

Chris Boxall <> - 3 September 2003


Robert S. Wilde <> - 30 July 2003

Thanks for the fine photos: Memories of 45 years ago for me, sitting beside the Western Mainline at Goring, trips to Swindon, Basingstoke, London Termini, Bletchley etc etc. Very much appreciated.

T.E. Deighton <> - 23 March 2003

The pictures displayed on this site are truly beautiful,evocative of a lost era,David Lennox Booth's love of his subject matter shines through every 'photo.This atmospheric collection is a fitting tribute to a time when when we had a'proper' railway.Thanks for the memories.

Athol Whitbread <athol.whitbread@EMAILDOMAIN> - 15 March 2003

An impressive tribute portrayed in an original and fitting manner - well done. As a 1950's boyhood locospotter living at Barrow on Trent on the Stenson Junction to Sheet Stores Junction (Trent)line, I was fortunate enough to see Toton - Washwood Heath services worked by Beyer Garretts on a regular basis, with 100 plus empties on the return workings. Too few photos of this unusual class seem to have survived and it is much appreciated that not one but two are included in this tribute - grateful thanks.

Anthony <> - 28 February 2003

Super job....very well done indeed!!

Bill Richardson <> - 23 February 2003

I am pleased someone has saved these pics.

bill golder <> - 12 February 2003

great photographs, of a bygone era ,i was a fireman on b.r. eastern region from 1949 to 1952 until called up for n/s. being at kingscross, hornsey and lowestoft sheds i fired many of your friends engines he photographed. my favorites were gresleys K3 and V2 . lots of memories i wont bore you with here ,but thanks for reviving them. great site.

Bryn Calvert <> - 26 January 2003

Toby Clempson <> - 20 January 2003

Thank-you so much for sharing these images in honour of your friend David Booth. He had a very fine eye and captured some beautifully evocative scenes. I can just remember seeing steam trains on the railway as a small boy, although my experiences were from the 1960's those steam engines have a mythic quality in my memory which these pictures echo perfectly.

Eric Nelson <> - 9 January 2003

Thank you for being so generous in sharing with so many the great railway photos of your friend David Booth, and the privilege of being able to copy them for private use. The photos bring back so many memories of my own youth in the UK in pre and post war days,and also the enjoyment of working as a signalman seeing a variety of trains and the services they did.

Richard <> - 14 December 2002

Nice nostalgic pictures, and a nice gesture sharing them with us all.

Ian Cook <> - 22 September 2002

An unexpected pleasure.

Syd Winward <> - 17 July 2002

Takes me back to my younger days. Picture No.11 is definately a Jubilee,I swa and worked on plenty of them as a fitter based at Bolton 26C) and sometimes worked out at Bury (26D),Newton Heath (26A) and Patricroft (10C) also one year at Horwich Loco Works.

Dave Hanchard <dandj@bigpond .com> - 11 June 2002

Thank You. A fitting testamony to your friend.Great photos bringing back memories of times past.

henry <> - 28 May 2002

A touching gesture which acknowledges and honours an old gentleman's boyhood; and one which, to me, points-up the passing of time for all of us.
Gentleness is not a quality that is encouraged in men. That you recognised and were moved by this in your friend's father is also a tribute to you.
Good luck.

H. Kloosterman <> - 26 May 2002

Beautiful photographs and a good and interesting site. Best of luck.
Thanks Henk

Paul Scrivens <> - 26 March 2002

I typed into Google British Railways in tne 1950's and trawling through the options led me to this site. Marvelous! All of the images are extremely evocatice and I congratulate you on your thinking.
Stafford is where I grew up through the 50's and I am looking for as much information as I can get as I wish to model it in double o.
Having a look at your site has been a smashing diversion.

Elizabeth Booth <EMAILFIRST@EMAILDOMAIN> - 25 March 2002

Very interesting to see all these comments, especially from all the people who were firemen and drivers. Extremely interesting to see how good the quality of the old VPK black and white photos were.
Thank you Driek.

Harry Mathieson <> - 13 March 2002

Enjoyed reading about members stories. But I can't seem to get into your site. Do I have to apply to join. I am a retired driver. Started on steam in the 1940's. Imingham, Grimsby and a short spell at Louth on the old East Lincs line. As far as a fireman was concerned I found the best locos were the Britanias. The worst were what we called Straight Eights. Freight engines with 8 coupled wheels and a pony in front. I think they had about the longest firebox of any. Very difficult to fire as you had to get the coal to the far end or they wouldn't steam. I enjoyed firing the Britanias on the Kings X passenger trains also they were good on the London fish trains that we used to have out of Grimsby

Tony Gardner - 5 March 2002

I found that the pictures stood out a little better by increasing the brightness on my monitor. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing. I was born at the advent of diesel locomotives and so have a penchant for both ancient and modern transport.

M.R.Godwin <> - 8 February 2002

Just a few points:
Quicksilver was one of the first four A4 Pacifics. It was originally painted silver grey for the Silver Jubilee service introduced in 1935. I'm not sure when it was repainted in Garter blue.
I think that the "Jubilee" photo is definitely an LMS loco, not a GWR one. But it could be a black 5 rather than a Jubilee.

Malcolm Willis <> - 24 December 2001

Wonderful to see these photographs on the web. Thank you for giving us access to them - they are appreciated.

Peter Chesson <> - 29 September 2001

Very interesting photographs. I think No 12 is more likely to be a Hall or a Star. If it was a Manor or a Grange the running plate would be raised above the cylinders, but it does not appear to be.

barry newman- melbourne Australia <> - 23 August 2001

Loved the pictures. They reminded me of the hours of train spotting around London -mainly l.n.e.r from liverpool st

Mike Barnsley <> - 8 August 2001

An interesting set of photos. Thanks for making them available for viewing - it would be a shame if they were hidden away, as such photos so often are.

A Calvert <> - 17 July 2001

Beautiful photographs I enjoyed seeing them. I have been looking for a photograph of the B1 locomotive 1003 Gazelle that was used as a royal locomotive in 1945. Any ideas?
Best of luck

Tony Buckley <> - 1 July 2001

Glorious, such atmosphere, unfortunately! I can just remember those days. It`s a long time since I`ve seen photographs that capture that time. Thanks

E J Robinson - 16 June 2001

Great tribute to your friend. Considering the age of these photos they are wonderfull. I have British steam friends here in the usa and I think its their generosity that they still have so many steam trains preserved in the uk. The lack of our "railfans" to work together or share is one of the major reasons for our steams demise. Keep up the fabulous work and may we all make it to that wonderfull roundhouse or shed in the sky!!!!

Mo Hartley <> - 17 May 2001

Belinda Peterse <> - 25 April 2001

Albert Dorsey <> - 19 April 2001

I started on the footplate, on steam in 1956 becoming a driver on diesel. Although it was mainly hard work I loved steam. It seems silly now but having a 12 ft + boiler in front one felt king of the castle (no pun intended) and almost invulnerable. As a fireman I learned as much from a bad driver's mistakes as from a good driver's perfections. I drove steam locos but only unofficially as in this instance the driver had to carry the can for any errors his fireman made. Fortunately my errors were only minor. Even now at 61 I could fire an express at speed or a heavy freight if the opportunity presented itself. I enjoyed firing more than driving as I could judge steam demand to a fine art. There were only a few rare occasions where I wished the locomotive in hell. One was when standing on a branch end with a strong cold winter wind blowing over the tender top into the cab. ( I eventually went and sat in front of the smokebox) Another time was with a Jubilee leaving Sheffield Midland Stn for Derby when the engine picked up the boiler water and slipped for about 1/2 a minute till the boiler water water level fell to below half a glass. I struggled to keep steam and water almost all the way to Derby as it began with a 5 miles or so climb to the middle of Dore tunnel. The slip had made us late away and we lost time on the climb so on the otherwise easy patches the engine was thrashed to try and regain time. I was so thirsty I drank some water out of the tender tank, water softener and all.
All for now for as Zebedee said "time for bed". More perhaps anon.

Bill Wansbrough - 2 April 2001

In an old man this certainly brings back memories of the sights and smells of my youth. I used to stand by the tracks and amid the smell of burning coal envision the far away places that these great behemoths had been to or were on their way to; at night I would listen to their plaintive wailing if the wind was right and dream that I could climb aboard and escape forever from an earth that bound me.

Paul Humphries <> - 15 March 2001

Michael J. Watson Chappell <> - 16 March 2001

Thank you very much & sending you a personal email.

Tony Newman <> - 1 March 2001

I have lots of memories of the old days of steam railways too. These pictures provide a last misty glimpse of a lost age. Thanks for sharing them and telling us about David.

astrid takken <> - 30 January 2001

Hoi, ik ben op zoek naar het email addres van mijn vriendin Michelle. Ze is getrouwd met Scott Ison en ze hebben een zoontje die Blake heet. Ze woont in Brisbane. Ik hoop dat jullie me kunnen helpen. Ze heeft me geprobeerd te mailen maar er ging iets fout want ik heb nooit der email binnen gekregen.

julio lage amaral <> - 14 January 2001


Tom Root <> - 9 December 2000

nice pictures, I work on LNER carriages on the severn valley railway.

julio lage amaral <> - 3 December 2000


Peter Gunthorpe <> - 16 November 2000

He must have been a beaut bloke,like his pics'

Brian Scales <> - 23 October 2000

I enjoyed the LNER photos very much.They reminded me of trips to Southend before WW2 to see my grandfather,who was a railway photographer himself. I,too fancy myself as a railway photographer,and have had some photos published.I have been a member of the East Somerset Railway for many years and have many photos of that railway and its locomotives

John M. Roberts <> - 25 August 2000

These are really wonderful pictures, Brings back memories growing up in England especially riding the steam trains back then. My Grandfather was a fireman on the london scotlond train. Also have an uncle who is a main line driver in England.

Keith Skilton <> - 18 August 2000

Thanks for making great shots avalible on the net.

Lara Levine <> - 14 August 2000

I recently spent time in London (just down the road from Paddington Station)and traveling in England and loved the train system. I can only imagine how it was in years ago with the steam engines rolling in every day. A brilliant way to memorialize your friend and a pleasure for all who find this site. Thank you!

Dave Lonsdale <> - 12 July 2000

Looking at these photos took me back to a seemingly calmer and gentler era. But, memories can be very selective, can't they?

Matt Coleman <> - 26 June 2000

These are very unusual and haunting photographs. Especially the one of Paddington Station. They evoke memories and sadness in a way. They capture the atmosphere (usually wet) of most loco spotting adventures of my own youth.

Franco Piccardo <> - 00 Month 2000

Thank you for this fine chapter of railway history.Altough I am an italian railway fan, too young to have seen the steam days, I truly enjoied the "mood" of these valuable shots.
Best regards
Franco Piccardo

David R. Booth <> - 2 June 2000

Peter Wilkins <> - 23 May 2000

As a youngster who spent his informative years at the line-side at Potters Bar during the early Forties your photos brought back happy memories. Keep up the good work.
Peter Wilkins Le Rascas 30170 Monoblet France

John Prudhoe <> - 1 March 2000

Most evocative stuff and some quite moody images too. What a noble, touching and splendid effort. Very well done!

Mick Hosken <> - 18 february 2000

Great photographs! Bring back many memories of the 50's and 60's and the times I too stood at the end of platforms at the London Termini or on road bridges watching steam locomotives. A nice gesture. Thanks very much.

Ron Colligan Ballarat Victoria Australia <> - 17 february 2000

tony harrison <> - 6 February 2000

I really enjoyed discovering these photographs.

alan watson <> - 15 December 1999

this site bought a tear to my eye and is a lovely idea. how innocent young people were in those days.

Geoff Booth <> - 24 November 1999

What a brilliant gesture, finding such photo's belonging to a true railway enthusiast, (No connection to our family I think). Thanks for the opportunity to download some of the photo's, I shall share them with the Lincoln Railway Society.
Just in passing,it may or may not mean something to someone; My late father-in-law was a railway historian living in the West Yorkshire area. His name was Kenneth Field and he, along with a colleage (Brian Stephenson), published a book of B/W photo's called 'Pennine Steam'. That was way back in the mid 1970's.

Bob Vandy <> - 15 November 1999

I was a fireman for the L.N.E.R. later B.R. 1948-1949-Then Igot called up. I worked out of West Hartlepool Sheds. My Grandfather and his brother worked for N.E. and L.N.E.R. By the way ,I fired for my grandfather !
Great Sight. Regards, Bob Vandy

chris firth - 28 October 1999

now fifty, where did all the years go? i spent half my childhood watching trains from horlicks bridge in slough and around the london sheds. the picture of paddington approach was very evocative and took me straight back.thankyou for the experience.'trainspotter' seems to have become a derogatory term for a group of people who do little harm, and iam sure a lot more good than those who are considered 'cool',whatever that might be? despite leading what some may regard as a sophisticated life, money, power, lovely woman etc. etc. i would exchange it all to be back there again looking west into the setting sun on horlicks bridge a castle, hall or tanner oner whistling its approach into the station, then home to sing something simple e.g. on the radio and maybe a game of rummy with my lovely grandparents. nothing wrong with nostalgia! thanks again. p.s. pic. 3 isnt slough. twyford?

gerry eaton <> - 27 October 1999

nice photos my friend I am a western australian loco driver I began on steam with four man crews I now operate driver only on dash nine deisels.
strange times indeed
G B Eaton.

Don Cooper <> - 21 October 1999

A great idea and fabulous photos. Came across your site looking for information on LMS "Jubilees" for my father.

andrew jackson <> - 17 October 1999

i am atrain driver and a lover of the steam locomotive the pictures are superb.

William Richardson <> - 14 October 1999

Jolly decent of you to take the time and effort to do this, hope someone does it for me, just like this

eric brennan <> - 17 September 1999

Found your page through trying to locate where shed code 37B is. Great site, brought back memories from fifty years ago. Cock O' The North photograph is located on madmartins lner page. I want a pic of Blair Athol for my pal Chas.

Dorith - 14 September 1999

Whay a beautiful way to show an impression of a person you loved. Very nice and interesting. Thanks, Dorith

Gary Fox - 14 August 1999

A fine site

brian winterburn <> - 31 July 1999

I realy enjoyed the page looking forward to more

Mike Eggenton - 29 June 1999

very nostalgic and very touching

Paul Hudson <> - 18 June 1999

Thanks for the memerys. Have passed on your web page to al my friends. I remember the 30's& 40'in W.VA & OHIO around Belpre and Parkersburg.

chris burton <> - 8 June 1999

A delightful site - a pity though that the picture captions seldom show location. I think 2821 is on the down through road at Ipswich, but that's just a guess. If I think i recognise any other locations I will E-Mail you

Brian Irwin <Brian@richst.> - 27 April 1999

Interesting site like the l.n.e.r pics my favorite A4 is Quicksiver G.W.R brings back memoriers of the 60s at Paddington. have a short piece of 8mm film.
All the best Brian 27/04/99 Ps Black 5 54507 + black 8 + Blue Peter at Carlisle Sat Last 24/04/99

Edward Templeman <> - 24 April 1999

Paul Blom <> - 23 March 1999

Lee Francis - 14 March 1999

A bygone era. . . ..

Bill Routledge <> - 13 March 1999

I'm trying to locate a photograph of Jubilee 45608 "Gibraltar". Can anyone help please?

Bryan Wood - 5 February 1999

In looking at the pictures, I could almost smell the smoke and feel the grit. Always did like the LNER and its BR descendants best. Your site is a very fitting tribute to your friend. Thank you
Bryan Wood, Halifax N.S., Canada

Sadhu <> - 19 January 1999

Goh dat wist ik niet dat je dat gemaakt had. Leuk hoor!

John Williams <> - 2 January 1999

It is marvellous to see the old steam engines, especially the GWR engines. I was a fireman at Pontypool Road for three years or so about 1950. How I now yearn for the opportunities I had - and never took - of taking photographs of the engines and rolling stock of those times.
I think I would have been in tune with David Lennox Booth.
I am glad that you, and he, have been able to put this site on the web.

NAAM <> - 23 December 1998

Forgive a novice on the e.mail. I worked for 15 years on the footplate on the L.M.S. Railway and British Rail,and I had to leave for financial considerations in 1956 , but I have maintained my interest in Steam , having a collections of model locos (mainly L.M.S. of course
As an ex-L.M.S. Driver-I was fascinated to discover your site.
Excellent-keep up the good work.

daryl kay <> - 19 December 1998

cyril cannell <> - 29 November 1998

Great photos thanks a lot and keep up the good work

Oliver Coles - 22 November 1998

These photographs impressed me in two quite different ways. First they shed light on a vanished era of railway operation. Second, they brought back memories of my earliest attempts, as a schoolboy of the same age group as the photographer, to photograph steam trains with a cheap monochrome camera in the early 1960s. The photos on this site evoke the same emotions as do my own, namely that of the earnestness with which a vanishing railway scene is depicted showing through despite the often disappointing quality and, in the early days, quantity of the images, and at a time when railway photography was fare from the mass fashion it is today. So, many thanks to whoever had the insight to traansfer these photos from old paper wallet to the web!

Graham Whitfield <> - 2 November 1998

thoroughly enjoyed the trip down memory lane. I spent many happy,innocent hours as a boy watching the engines at winwick, warrington and crewe.Thanks again

Peter <> - 9 October 1998

Wonderful, romantic, lyrical photos. They remind me of O.Winston Link.
Funny, isn't it, how something so huge,and mechanical, so full to bursting of heat and steam and energy, can be so haunting.
I think steam locomotives are the most human of all mechanical things. They eat, they drink, they sweat, they breathe, they talk, and walk, tiptoe and gallop.
Came to your site through BARCAR.COM.

J.Sawyers <> - 9 October 1998

Very nice what you have done for the man you cared about. More people should do the same.
Bow Gracefuly.

Stuart Davies <> - 8 October 1998

Nice touch!
I too have railway enthusiast friends that have now passed away. Joe Storer and Stuart Cairns, both of the Swadlincote area of South Derbyshire. They were also both prolific railway photographers. Lets hope they, and David are swapping stories.
Regards from Stuart. Winnipeg, Canada

Stuart Spouse <> - 28 September 1998

NAAM <> - 22 September 1998

Sehr schön ;-)

Tom Skinner <> - 18 September 1998

Great shots. I feel the photographers excitement and awe at the spectacle of these great locomotives. Very atmospheric. Good job!

John Hurst <> - 18 September 1998

It's wonderful to see some genuine "Age of Steam" photos on the net!

NAAM <> - 31 August 1998

Roy Vandersteen <> - 14 August 1998

Love the photographs, Hatfield was in fact 2821 later on to become 61621

Lexcie <> - 20 July 1998

Unimpressed with the copyright statement which spoils an otherwise excellent page, both in layout and spirit. More about your then girlfriend would be interesting, but I am probably being nosey.

thomas norton <> - 9 july 1998

John and Mary Lowe <> - 22 June 1998

It was a wonderful tribute, photographs were absolutely fabulous when you consider that David was a 12 year old child. We'll visit your site again - keep up the wonderful work. My father would have loved to have had such a wonderful tribute.
PS this was generated from the Sunday night call to you - well worth calling you. These pictures were just stunning to see on the big TV.
From John and Mary

Andrew and Sian <> - 8 June 1998

we thought you have done a wonderful job in displaying the time that these photos were taken - a fine tribute

Neil Robinson <> - 29 May 1998

What a pleasure to be able to view photographs from this period. Thanks for making them available - it is a thoughtful tribute.

Tony Ledger - 28 May 1998

Paul Whitaker <> - 25 May 1998

Excellent photographs and a wonderful memorial.
If the pictures are viewed using an application capable of adjusting the contrast and brightness, then much more detail is visible.

Jim McLaren <> - 23 May 1998

Thank you for a really splendid selection of photographs. I came across the page while trying to find an LNER locomotive for my father. The "Cock O' The North", built in Doncaster in 1934 (I believe) but to date have had no success! I think she was a "Mikado" 2-8-2. A really nice memorial. Thanks again, Jim.

Tony Bielby <> - 18 April 1998

Thank you for giving others the pleasure of seeing these images from the past_ a fitting tribute to David.

John H.V.Gilbert, Ph.D. <> - 11 April 1998

Excellent memorial - thank you for the organization of your site

Kevin Dadey <> - 5 April 1998

Very nice pictures

John Griffiths <> - 4 April 1998

Wonderful memories came flooding back to an old Saltley 21A fireman

Sophia Goldstein <> - 21 Month 1998

Very nices photo's. Good work !!!!!!

Dave Wise <> - 21 Month 1998

A touching tribute, his memory will certainly live on. Thank you for sharing part of it with those of us who follow in his footsteps.

Peter Elton <> - 14 Month 1998

I too was born in 1927. The LNER was my first employer when I joing the S&T Dept. in 1942. I used to live in New Barnet on the old GNR main line and saw the introduction of the streamliners throught the 30s. Your page is a great tribute and I found the photos brought back happy memories

william sheppard <> - 3 March 1998

you could not have made a better memorium to your friend, I enjoyed the pictures. from a railroad fan in the USA

Rob Pearce <> - 1 March 1998

A very nice idea, and a good way to commemorate a person you loved. Some very good photographs too.

Tony Wood <> - 1 March 1998

You might like to have a look at the railway pages of my Homepage set. I work as a volunteer at Mid-hants Railway Loco Shed in England and take pictures of subjects inaccessible to most enthusiasts.
Find me at

John <> - 1 March 1998

Thank you for a nice site and photo's. A very good memorial.

Joanne Thomson <> - 21 February 1998

I found this very touching. I wish I had thought of it...

Hugh Thomas, Auckland, New Zealand - 8 February 1998

bill <> - 31 Saturday 1998

I think your father inlaw would love this page. It is nice to see pictures from the age of steam. It is interesting to see some differences in trains but also they are all quite similar.
Thank you - Bill, Michigan, U.S.A.

Gunnar Terhaag <> - 30 January 1998

Very intresting pictures and a real good way to honor the fotographer.

Jeffrey Pearlman-Storch <> - 2 January 1998

Ewald Mertins <> - 14 December 1997

appreciated your site im memory of mr. booth-
i lived a few minutes away from paddington station in 1974-
memories coming back-

Graham Fenton <> - 10 November 1997

I am enjoying viewing the photographs as I am originally from Doncaster and model LNER in OO.
I now live in Calgary, Alberta.
I remember travelling on steam trains as a boy and train-spotting on Doncaster station. I think your web-site is a very kind tribute to Mr. Booth.

Dorival Pedrao Jr. <> - 11 September 1997

Thanks for all, and send regards to Atmo

thomas hudson - 30 August 1997

Jim Unwin <> - 6 July 1997

As you can see I now live in Tasmania Australia but I originate from Cheshire and was a fireman and a driver on steam loco's in the 50's and 60's These photo's (although not L.M.r. bring back a lot of memories.

Raymond Ealey. AKA . PO from 2c <> - 3 July 1997

Those young trainspotters were great kids. Congregated at the end of the through platform in all weathers. Notebook in hand. When stopped on the platform they would try to look in at the footplate & if no one was around we would try to sneak them up for a "very" quick look around. Sometimes they would ask us to "pose" for a picture .To which we would always oblige. I have hanging in my study that I see as I type this, such a snapshot of myself & Fred Ping on Black 5. LMS.5191. We always remembered. & were told. They are our future customers.
Where are you kids today ?
Thanks for the Memories. Long on history-short on future.
PO. from LMS Motive Power Shed 2c

Soenke Horn <> - 18 June 1997

Very nice pictures with the "touch" of the good old time !

Darren Yates <> - 12 May 1997

Nice pics! He would be pleased to see them available for all to see.

Ivo Witteveen <> - 11 May 1997

Hermann Weigl <> - 8 May 1997

It is very interesting to find such old photographs of LNER steam locomotives.
May I invest you to my homepage ?

David Baker - 17 April 1997

More.. more ..............

Peter Holton <> - 31 March 1997

Very special. A great memorial. I feel sure he would have been proud to have known you had chosen to remember him this way. Thanks for sharing it.

Don Farnworth <> - 27 March 1997

What a nice way to do a memorial.
Thank you.

Carla Sant'Anna <> - 27 March 1997

Driek, adorei a sua home page, ben je benieuwd wie ik ben ?

Andy Pearce <> - 22 March 1997

What a fabulous page, and a fitting tribute to an obviously dedicated rail enthusiast who lived through decades that i can only dream about.

Malcolm Vincent <> - 16 March 1997

Ian Kirby <> - 16 February 1997

Well done, Driek.

David Clift <> - 16 February 1997

Thanks for sharing these evocative pictures. It is a wonderful memorial and tribute to your feelings for David.

Gary <> - 14 February 1997

From a long time away and a long distance away (Perth, Western Australia); thank you for the photos they are evocative and excellent.

David Catton <> - 14 February 1997

Nice memorial - well done. If there are any more photos, please let us all know.

Pete Dunster <> - 14 February 1997

What a wonderful way to pay tribute to David, to celebrate his life and loves rather than mourn his passing.

Don Winter <> - 14 February 1997

The pictures remind me of my youth, in the 1950s, as a train enthusiast in northeast England (where many of these locomotives also ran).

Jeannet <> - 10 February 1997

Hallo Driek
Ik vind het een erg ontroerende pagina geworden, heel mooi (denk ik) in trant met zijn persoon. Verder sta ik versteld hoe deze oude mooie foto's zo duidelijk te krijgen zijn op een internetpage. Ik vind het heel bijzonder dat je zo iets gemaakt hebt voor hem.

David Chadwick <> - 6 February 1997

Takes me back to when I use to be a train spotter, these pictures are history of a time that will never occur again.

Jim Clark <> - 3 february 1997

David, has again made someone happy by sharing. His pictures are wonderful.

Tony Polson <> - 31 January 1997

Thank you for posting these excellent pictures

Phillip Chudley <> - 29 January 1997

A wonderful and moving tribute. Are we not all thankful that people like David Lennox Booth had the foresight and motivation to record on film those days when railways, and steam, were at their zenith?
Also thanks to Driek for sharing the photographs with all of us.

Dylan Littlewood <> - 27 January 1997

I enjoyed seeing Mr Booth's pictures, and I'm very touched by what you've done for his memory. I feel as if I've caught a fleeting glimpse of his shadow in passing.
thank you.

Russell R Ashmore <> - 27 January 1997

The years pass but the memory lives on forever.

Daniel G. van der Pol <> - 16 January 1997

Frans Mensonides <> - 14 January 1997

Daarnet het in memoriam gelezen van de vader van je vriendin, David Lennox Booth. Vooral door de zwart-wit foto's is het een stemmige site geworden. Een waardig aandenken aan een treinfanaat in hart en nieren. Het moet erg bevredigend zijn om op zo'n manier de herinnering aan een dierbare levend te kunnen houden.

Keimpe J. Sikkema <> - 13 January 1997

Als eerste nog gecondoleerd met dit verlies.
Ik vind dit een mooie pagina, en een mooie manier om iemand te herdenken. Ik zal deze pagina in mijn bookmarks opnemen als een rustpunt.

Hartelijk dank en veel sterkte

Driek Heesakkers <> - 13 January 1997

Ever since finding the little Kodak wallet, on the dusty attic at the Booth's residence in Wales, I had the idea to do something with the content, in the spirit of David as I had come to love him.
Being something of a 'Net Veteran' myself (first account in '92), publishing on the internet came to mind; but I was a little hesitant, given the nature of the net and the fact that it was something he only knew about from the occasional snippet in The Times. So, I decided not to push it.
And then, one December afternoon, I sat down and wrote the text that had been simmering in me for months. And here it is.
I hope you enjoyed visiting these pages. Thank you for coming along!
Best wishes & greetings, Driek.

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