Well, digital has its advantages... I made a big mistake developing the 5 (yes, five) b/w films I shot in Ireland: in the dark, I wound them against the spiral (I was using the system with metal spirals, not the white plastic ones - don't know the names, but you've come across them I guess). So the films didn't come out well, stuck together, only partially developed. The kind of mistake you make once, and then never again. Just my luck that it happens with not one, but five films in one go.

Some of them came out though, and as they tend to say over there, not too bad, not too bad. But I'm glad I brought the color films to the 1-hour service...

The bog Mesquita
Dingle dingle
The Barren Sevilla 1
Beach beach
Church church
Clifden clifden
Trees 1 trees
Trees 2 trees
Trees 3 trees
Clifden Sevilla 2
House A house in Killarney