Last friday, I held a birthday party. For those who didn't make it... a little impression. Thanks to Monique who took these photos.
33-taarten_s.jpg 33-kaarsjes_s.jpg 33-taart_s.jpg 33-kaarsjes-uitgeblazen_s.jpg
There was cake. Wonderful cake. And candles, thirty-three of them...
drie-dames_s.jpg kaarten-leggen_s.jpg twee-heren_s.jpg
...meeting with a drink in the hand...
driek-bast_s.jpg dans-03_s.jpg simone-zingt_s.jpg dans-08_s.jpg, singing, dancing...
hartverwarmende-muziek_s.jpg zo-moet-t-zijn_s.jpg balkon_s.jpg
...and there was much more!

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