black & whites

While my friends were buying digital cameras I spent lots of time learning to use the darkroom in the fall of 2001.
updated: and the beginning of 2002, too.


abcoude.jpg demo.jpg
castle loenen demonstration
tram.jpg moving3.jpg
accidental moving 3 driebergen
tram.jpg tram.jpg tram.jpg
tram.jpg tram.jpg tram.jpg

Until recently, I had this text here:
I find portraits the most difficult, and it shows. I haven't made one so far that really works, they're no match for the more impersonal ones. Interesting, isn't it. Anyway, here are a few that are not too bad.
But... well, that changed!
For my grandma's birthday, I wanted to make a portrait of her, or of her with grandpa, that was up to her. She thinks she never looks good on a photograph, you see. So I took them outside in gorgeous sunny winter afternoon weather, and we had fun, and ... well. I'm amazed, this one really works. And she's very happy with it, too. So, I proudly present: my first real portrait that I'm not unhappy with! (of course, in a few weeks already I'll look at it and say the reverse. So what).

  grandma & grandpa
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alex bob simone