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the photographer

Something to look out for
I posted this as a funny tongue-in-cheek meta-photo: a photo of a photographer at work. Only after Hans commented that it could just as well be Bagdad or Kabul, I saw that there is something really threatening in this one, as well.

It reminds me of a part of the storyline in Freek de Jonge's De Mars.

En de jongen komt thuis, en hij zegt, mama, kijk! een stengun. En z'n moeder begint te huilen, want ze denkt terug aan toen hij jaren geleden thuis kwam, en zei, mama, kijk! een fototoestel. Waarop ze zei, laat eerst je foto's maar eens zien.
(want daar gaat het om... wie zet je aan de andere kant van de loop...)

Boy comes home to his mom, look what I got mom! A stengun! She immediately starts crying, as she remembers him coming to her just like that years ago, look what I got mom, a camera! To which she replied, well, show me your pictures first.

The intense concentration of shooting with a tele, is eerily similar to that of a sniper... though less deadly.

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