2007 / july / 11

Peter Makena concert in Amsterdam

If you're in Amsterdam on friday the 20th of july, there's a concert you shouldn't miss! The singer Peter Makena will be giving a 'soulsinging concert' on 19.30 at the Mirror Centre, before the Nataraj dance evening. A very special occastion for everyone who loves 'heartdance' style music. Tickets for the concert are fifteen euro. If you want to stay for the Nataraj, that costs five euro extra, instead of the normal price of ten. (old flyers quoted the concert as fifteen including the dance; that was unfortunately incorrect).
On the next day, there will also be a one-day workshop in Centrum De Roos.

Peter and Aneeta

More info on Peter, with samples of his music:
Peter Makena.com
More on Peters concert and workshops
all the info on the concert in Amsterdam friday 20 july, and the workshop saturday 21 july

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