2007 / june / 28


The original Airport (the movie) was on cable tonight, and me and the missus sat down to watch it. She loves disaster movies, and I was in the mood for something old, something slow-moving.
What a timewarp! It dates from 1970, not that long ago, but it feels as if its truly from another world.
The interior of the plane. All a bit more spacious. The fake wood looks predictably seventies, but glass panels!
Real glasses in Cattle Class, pardon me, Economy - which was then called Tourist. That sounds much better as well.
What else... everybody smoking, and not just cigarettes. One of the pilots enjoying a pipe, and the gung-ho mechanic chewing a big cigar, in the style that I only knew mocked in the A-team.
And speaking of mockery: I never saw this movie until now, I only saw many satires of it. Beginning with the great Airport I and its lesser sequel II, but its referenced very often, I can see now. So many bits of dialogue, of short character shots fell into place.
But the real kicker of course, was the approach to security. The lady travelling as a stowaway, and the man being able to board with a suitcase filled with dynamite.
Different times, different times.

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