2003 / august / 28


"Coronary heart disease is the biggest killer in the US, but not in France. Yet the French smoke Gitanes, breakfast on buttery brioche, lunch and dine off confit of duck, sausage, fat goose livers and camembert. They drink wine, round off their meals with cognac, and while away the afternoon with strong coffee and mouthwatering pastries. " [The Guardian]

This passage makes my mouth water. It makes me want to get a chocolate croissant and a coffee now.
And a smoke, and that's more alarming. You see, on tuesday morning, having decided that my name was going out of the window I felt like celebrating it with something outrageous. I was already treated as my friend had taken me to a real Italian bar in Ostbahnhof to have a decent cappuccino - and what the heck, I had a puff of her Marlboro Light.
Twelve years of not smoking, one puff and two days later I am thinking of having one... this is one illusion to keep firmly in check.

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