2003 / august / 29

The Dream the night before

This was the dream I had the night before I decided to change the name.

I leave my house to find out that the city centre has been towed across the water so I'm right in it. It is familiar Amsterdam, yet it is not: there are alleys and squares, Italian-style.
I walk to a square, and men with orange overcoats are taking down a statue in the middle.
Another square. Another pedestal. This one is already empty. All around lies rubble.
A big square, surrounded by tall buildings. Police are keeping a crowd away from one side, where a monumental building dominates. It looks a bit like the Sonesta hotel, with a big dome on top of it. Funnily enough, the building seems to have its front side to the back. Then some quiet demolition blasts, and the dome falls down in a rain of rubble. The rest of the building stays as it is, but it's hardly visible anymore in the dust cloud.
I walk on. Again a small square - a horse-riding statue just crumbles as I see it.

The dream changes theme. I am watching television. It takes me a while to figure out what it is I'm watching, though there are images from the walk as footage in the program. It turns out to be a kind of this is your life show, though it's supposed to be an edition of Zomergasten.
The theme of the show is melancholic: the main character has always shown a lot of promise, but he accomplished much less than his potential.
As the show ends, I realize that it is actually about me. That I am the guest. And then it comes to me that it's a repeat - put on as a tribute after the untimely passing of this person. Which is me. Which I know while I am watching the show. Dream ends.

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