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Hi, my name is Driek, and I'm a thirtysomething dutch bloke, living in Amsterdam. These are my 'about pages' - divided in work, trains and spiritual.


I loved trains and trams ever since I was five years old. Now, living in Amsterdam, I can hear and see those charming yellow catterpillars crawling over the high bridges across the canals... brilliant! And from my balcony across the water I can see the ever-busy Central Station.
Update: the last yellow'uns have gone, but I can now see those rattling combino's on line 26 from my balcony as well.

So what does this fascination mean? I think that it has to do with their clear limits. Trains are limited to their tracks. However complex, the system is still finite, therefore controllable, at least in theory.

On the subject... an Osho joke:

In the fifties, when he travelled throughout India, one day his train actually arrived on time. This was such an extraordinary event that he went to see the stationmaster to compliment him.
"Dear stationmaster, I want to offer you my sincere congratulations - today, my train is on time."
To which the man answered:
"I am sorry to disappoint you, sir. But this is yesterday's train!"

You can find a collection of raillinks here. Have you taken a look at the english steam trains, photographed by the late David Booth?

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