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Hi, my name is Driek, and I'm a thirtysomething dutch bloke, living in Amsterdam. These are my 'about pages' - divided in work, trains and spiritual.

the dayjob

I've studied history and work with computers... an all too familiar career pattern in the humanities nowadays.

After graduating in social and economic history I temped in various companies, from a big advertising agency to a company renting audiovisual equipment. I worked with people, with computers and with my hands, and I've come to the conclusion that combining all these is the most fun to do.

I currently work in the library of the University of Amsterdam as a projectleader. One of the projects I'm involved in is Triple-L: Live events als Leerobjecten voor Leeromgevingen (live events als learning objects for electronic learning environments aka ELO).


As a leftover from my freelance days, I retained a few clients that are fun and interesting to work with, mostly for creative professionals. For them, I do some custom database design and the occasional website. At the moment, I am not taking on new clients.
(april 2006) Update: yes, I am taking on new jobs and clients, as long as they're fun!

Recent work: Energy Chair Massage, Amsterdam: new photograpy/artwork; fully accessible standards-compliant and searchengine- optimized website; flyer.

the joys of the craft

I liked this page from Fred Brooks' 1975 classic The Mythical Man-Month on programming, the joys of the craft, so much that I typed it all in. Enjoy!

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