2014 / september / 21

exciting music news, and lots of it!

Summer's nearly over, time for the next singing season. Lots of news here. First of all, we have some exciting plans brewing with Three MDB, new songs, more presentation, and the new line-up with two Mariekes is just sounding so damn great. And lots of fun.

Then there's a new opera project at A Cote Du Carre. Like the previous work, Adam, this is an original libretto, in Dutch, set to a combination of existing music and music specially written for it.
My friend Aad has drafted me for no less than three leading parts - I'm the main antagonist in all three acts. I'm a triple villain. And I'm enjoying it tremendously.
The three shows in november have already sold out, but we might do a reprisal in a larger theatre later. I hope so, it'll be worth it. It's also going to be very relevant: it's based on the life of a friend of Aad, a Persian Kurd who had to flee from the religious fanatics that took over the revolution against the Shah in 79. Eerily familiar and deeply moving.

Then a biggie: The end of an era, I'm saying goodbye to The Amsterdam Vocals.
I've been with them since the beginning five years ago. I helped founding it, and they are still a great group. It just... was time for something new.
Which I found in the Dutch Organic Choir, a new project from Merel Martens and Peder Karlsson. That's the most exciting conductor in Dutch Vocal music and the Real Group founding member who's now leading PJ to dazzling heights - working together on a new concept, an improvisation based group? With singers from different fields, professional and amateur alike? I knew I wanted to be in, the moment I heard about it. And I knew I would not have time for both the Vocals and this new project. So I took the plunge and stopped the Vocals just on the chance that I might come through the auditions. And yesterday I heard: I'm in!

Next Sunday is going to be an incredible day at Den Bosch Goes Acapella.

This is a lovely acapella music festival with always a great atmosphere where every group has two slots. That works incredibly well: that way you have a much better chance to see the groups you're interested in, and it also means that it's a full house all day. On top of that, they also have workshops. It is one of the friendliest and interesting festivals I know.
Now for me personally, this Sunday that means I'll be singing six times in a row between eleven and six:
- two concerts with Three MDB;
- two concerts with The Amsterdam Vocals, the last time I'll be performing with them;
- and to top it off both the Vocals and Three MDB are doing a masterclass workshop, TAV with Peder Karlsson, Three MDB with Merel. Wow.
That's going to be a blast... I better schedule my toilet breaks. And I hope to see lots of you that day, or some other time this fall!

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