2006 / february / 19

Amnesty International: Control arms!

Lack of controls on the arms trade is fuelling conflict, poverty and human rights abuses worldwide. Every government is responsible. The Control Arms campaign (organised by Amnesty International, Oxfam and Iansa) is asking governments to toughen up controls on the arms trade.

On average, every minute, one person dies due to weapon abuse.
In that same minute, 30.000 new bullets are produced.

The Million Faces petition is collecting photos and self portraits from around the world to reach our goal of one million faces by June 2006. We will use these faces to send a powerful, global message of support to the world's governments for an International Arms Trade Treaty. They will be presented during the United Nations' conference on small firearms, held at the end of June 2006 in New York.

At this moment, 745,000 people have added their face. The aim is to reach one million.

More information on the campaign: www.controlarms.org/find_out_more
Be one in a million and join today: upload your picture or make a self-portrait
The privacy statement of the campaign looks ok to me, but of course your photo will be published, since in the end, that's the whole point.

Hope to see your face, too!

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