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I'm nearing the end of the holiday - kind of sad, and also not. It's been very good so far, in general spending the days on my own or with previous few people, and the evenings not so. Oh bla.
I haven't gotten to writing much on paper, let alone here. Many notes and observations linger in my head and heart - the weird last leg of my plane trip, which was not on a small regional plane but on a airbus 330 coming from Chicago that smelled of sleepy people. Killarney, where I'm now, a real tourist trap suddenly gone dead quiet on the 1st of september: I went out walking today and for four hours, didn't see a single soul. Well, I heard a dog bark and then saw a small boat in the middle of the (huge) lake with a man fishing - but that was it. Beautiful here. And glad I'm here now, not two weeks ago.

Spending the days with Marion - the original reason for coming to Ireland was visiting her for a couple of days, then I thought what the heck, that's madness to fly over for four days, I'll just book for three weeks - was good. Went much better than both of us expected. We're such good friends, you know, and it's been a year since we split, enough water under the bridge.
I've met some good people on the road these weeks. Who knows, a few real friends. Damn, Matthias, if you come across this, I'm sorry I only gave you my details and forgot to ask yours. Well, I'll see if you drop me a line sometime. Or check out this site.
I like the way hostelling is set up in this country - with kitchens everywhere, hey I can cook myself, hadn't thought of that since my only hostel experience so far's been in cheaper, warmer countries where you just don't bother with cooking yourself.
And I've shot heaps of film, so far two rolls of colour and five black & white. Looking forward to developing these! And for a moment I was so excited when I saw the bathroom of the friends we stayed with for two days in the southwest - a darkroom in disguise. Would've been crazy to spend the day there, of all things, Marion and I hung out on the beach the whole afternoon that day (after one of our few prickly episodes).
Signing off now. Flying out wednesday - but tomorrow, another Grand Day Out, and who knows what'll happen tonight?

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