2002 / august / 26


Ireland is great so far. This is the first time I'm checking my mail - in ten days - and the paper I bought yesterday still lies unread at the bottom of my little bagpack.
Three days in Doolin which were nice, the Barren impressive, the cliffs not suo much as there were a few tourists in the way *couch*.
Then Clifdon which got me hooked. Excellent hostel (friendly owner who puts his soul in the place - you pick that up, so the kitchen was naturally kept clean, people friendly, and so on.), some good people there, met some folks with a car so got driven to p-laces I otherwise wouldn't have been to. But the best thing? Spending time alone during the day. Hired a bike one day and did some 60km through some really forsaken wild land - bogs, mountains, then around pinetree island which was civilisation compared to what came before. Another day, hitched to the southernmost peninsula and walked from bay to bay until I had one for myself. And sat there for hours, watching the atlantic come on. A beach with cows - they're grazing on the adjacent meadows but occasionally like to take a walk on the beach. Heavy beasts - their hooves made deep footprints in the sand.
And much more of course. Too much to type in in an internet cafe at 6 euro per hour with the sun shining bright outside (oh, the famous rain - which rain?) but it's been good. Really coming to rest.
So now I arrived in Galway, and it is a shock to be back in a city. I think I'll flee to one of the Aran islands tomorrow, and then wednesday off to Ennis - Galway is a fine city from what I've seen so far, but it is that; a city. Haven't quite adjusted yet. So I sat down with a latte in a quiet place away from the main tourist trade (it seemed, at least), then treated myself to a haircut of all things. Oow-ee-are. Yay. Feels good. They won't recognize me in the hostel where I checked in this afternoon...

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