2002 / may / 22

life in links

  1. I'm really enthousiastic about From the Four Directions.
  2. I was also struck by what happened to my old history teacher, a really inspiring guy. Brain damage after removal of a brain tumor was only the beginning: Zoektocht (in Dutch). I'll send a little prayer tonight.
  3. Been searching for a voice of reason on Fisk from the other side, found it in a defense of Robert Fisk from the right wing Texas Mercury
  4. The third Midsummernight's burn cd arrived, from Punkey. Can't quite listen to it right now, but sure nice to get it (especialy since some participants received none!)
  5. And I hope I can start my holidays with an 8 day Voicing Institute Intensive workshop in Greece.

(harvest of a day ill in bed)

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