2002 / may / 17

M for Misery? GVB for Godverdomme! And an election to boot.

Mighty Girl (no permalink, scroll down to 5.9.02) saw this happen on the F-line:
here are two trains on the same track. A tourist approaches the one in the rear and asks the driver, "Which train leaves first?" He blinks at her, then at the train in front of him. "This one," he replies. She climbs aboard.

No need to tell us what happens next: nothing. Tourist gets aboard and noone mentions anything. The joke's more important than helping out an, admittingly dumb, person. Really dumb, ok...
Sounds exactly like an Amsterdam tram driver...
In yesterday's referendum, the people voted against privatising the GVB, our municipal transport company we love to hate. And we can't have it better its ways now, can we? As an afterthought, insult to injury, the same people also got the country the strangest parliament ever.
Not that I was so certain. I voted at ten to nine in the evening, couldn't decide all day, and even in the booth I stood there, the red pencil raised in my right hand, doubting. I couldn't decide on a party, decided to vote on a person instead, and that made things easier. Roel van Duijn, I hope you've got enough direct votes to bump you up six places. We sure could use you. Rather than that phony Rosenmuller, bah.
Strange times.
Hope I'll make it to see the Muni in action sometime... cue Vera Lynn

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