2002 / may / 11


Meanwhile, life goes on, sort of. You don't want to know the mass hysteria in this country and god help us if we'll really get a government based on condoleance-votes. There's a devil's dilemma, on the scale of the french second election round (for leftpondians: Gore vs. Nader probably comes closest) - do I vote for Melkert whom I think is a typical exponent of the problem with traditional dutch politics, but at least it's a vote strengthening the most reasonable of the big parties, hoping it'll come out marginallly bigger than the christian democrats, the conservatives, or that bunch of weirdo's without leader? Or am I going to vote for someone whose ideas and integrity I trust way more but who's not very likely to be a part of government after this election?
[BTW, I'm, not thinking of GroenLinks, they're too screwed up in political correctness, they should've bloody put Roel van Duijn higher on their list. So, I'm leaning to the SP. And poor old D66, good intentions alone can do more harm than good, I'm sorry to say]

Mark Steele's column in the Indy has me LOL at times, though I think he's missing the main point. His article on the french is also very funny.

Back to our regular program. The second Midsummernight's Burn cd arrived, thanks Taco! Interestingly, it has Stroke of Genius on it. Wasn't the only vinyl release a single run of 300 singles? Which begs the question - are mp3's allowed on a CD-mix? I could argue then, why not exchange playlists. Of course, given that the Freelance Hellraiser rules, and I really love this song, let's leave it a theoretical question 'l?. Hey, it's nice this song's no longer bound to my iBook :-)
Another pleasant surprise is track 9 - a hook I've heard many times but somehow never got round to finding out what it was, exactly. And number 4: 'kosher kebab jazz film', well, a little bit mainstream. Compared to John Zorn that is. Nice. Once upon a time, I was a crappy bass player in a rather ok klezmer band, which landed me with a lasting fondness for the music.

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