2002 / may / 02

My Midsummernight's CD

Music to swing with in my hammock, cook to, listen to hanging out with friends before going out, dance to, and then, ah well, thus the evening ends. :-)

1 Fernando Lameirinhas - Aqui E Tudo (Controlado) 04:42
.... love this guy. He's so great. He can't help smiling when he plays - if you can catch him live sometime, see him. Great voice, great songs, great heart. Shame his website is (temporarily?) down, it seems.
2 Zebda - Tomber La Chemise 04:25
.... if this doesn't bring the sun out, what does?
3 Chet Baker - Look for the Silver Lining 02:38
See track 12.
4 Chinmaya Dunster - Kaunsi Kannada (Warm Side Of The Mountain) 05:28
.... the weird stuff begins. One of my all time favourite CD's. I love Chinmaya's sarod playing.
5 Keith Jarret - Summer Night 06:36
I actually managed one track with summer in the title.
6 Jennifer Terran - Sticky Sweet 8 To 5 Lady 03:29
File under being yourself. I saw her in the tiniest of venues, playing for twentyfive people and she pulled it off. Great bass playing, also.
7 Ramses Shaffy - Zing, vecht, huil, bid, lach, werk en bewonder 03:51
.... yes, this is Dutch. What the hell, we've had Portugese and French by now, which I'm sure most of you can't speak, either. I want this song to be played at my funeral! Sing along!
8 Bill Pritchard - Number Five 04:01
Originally track #5 of course
9 Boelie - Boogie Woogie 03:17
.... file under weird and wonderful. Local guy, actually looking for a recorddeal.
10 Big Bud - Mombassa 07:54
Someone played this in a store, and I kept hanging around til it finished, and asked the guy behind the counter what it was. The album was a bit of a letdown really, but this song (and the two tracks its sandwiched between) is fantastic.
11 Banderas - This Is Your Life 04:32
Melancholic britpop. I'd seen this song once or twice on nighttime MTV in 1991 or so, but never heard it again. Then I found this in a secondhand shop and I knew why the tune'd been in the back of my head for all that time. Given that the average one-hit wonder artists doesn't end up very happy it's maybe all the better that this song failed to do anything in the charts (AFAIK) but as a song, it deserves recognition. </rand>
12 Jacques Brel - Mathilde 02:34
Brel. Shivers down my spine.
13 They Might Be Giants - Whistling In The Dark 03:24
What the? Oh, Them. File under weird and makes you laugh.
14 Fernando Lameirinhas - Aqui, Ali, Alem 03:27
Couldn't resist another one...
15 Dawn Penn - You Don't Love Me (No, No, No) 04:34
Grand lady.
16 Liz Phair - What makes you happy 03:36
Liz doesn't write songs - she writes short stories!
17 The Lemonheads - The Outdoor Type 02:35
Evan Dando can churn out a decent song himself, but above all he can pick his covers ever so well.
18 Mike Smith and his Cadillac Cowboys - Six Pack To Go 02:53
love this classic, and there may be better versions, but not where I know one of the cowboys in person! Anyway, we're almost of the end of the evening and as tracks 15 and on might've told you, not all went well. Hey, mister bartender...
19 REM - Nightswimming 04:15
So let's wrap it up in style. Into the warm night, watching the sun go up.

Hope you like it, guys - the cd's are in the post.
BTW, turned out that Fraser actually didn't dislike my blog. I'm surprised! Given that he must've seen this page just about when it was full of emotional outbursts on politics. Nice.

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