2002 / april / 28

Burn in progress...

Received the first Midsummernight Burn cd yesterday from Fraser:

Today I received notification of the three lucky, lucky bloggers who'll be reciving copies of my Midsummernight's compilation in a few days time. I won't let you know who they are quite yet, but here's a few clues. One is Dutch, two are based in the UK. One is quite well-known, one less so, one a complete newcomer. One is female, whilst the others are male. Two of them have sites I like. One of them doesn't.

Pretty sure I'm the male Dutch complete newcomer with a site he doesn't like :-)
(browsing Fraser's site, looking for an emailaddress... nowhere, but hey! He sings in a band! Weeh!)
Rather nice compilation, I'm listening to it now. Twenty tracks, all with 'summer' in the title. With three exceptions (Undertones, Tom Waits and the Velvet Underground) all rather... well, middle of the road. Not in the bland sense, but as in very classic. Some rather nice stuff actually (never heard of the Mystic Moods Orchestra, and they sound exactly like I expected from their name). Music that makes me grin. Music that makes me want to watch the sun setting in the mediterrenean. So Fraser, mission accomplished, thanks... makes me curious for the other two. (and even if they don't come, well, this cd's worth it).
I'm burning my outgoing cd's right now, bring 'em to the PO tomorrow (just found out I don't have any stamps anymore). None of the tracks have summer in the title - I've taken it as 'a cd I would like to play on a summer night'. Stuff that puts a smile on my face. Or makes me want to nod along in a hammock.
They'll be going to two Brits and one Dutchman, all men. The dutchman has a website that does not reveal anything about the guy, and the other two first names have more than one listing in the participants' list... so really no idea who they're going to. Which is nice.

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