2002 / april / 15

debunking six common Israeli myths, as well as totally unrelated stuff

debunking six common Israeli myths - no, I have other things on my mind, too, but somehow, I just keep running into the middle east conflict.
Another one: Human Rights Watch World Report 2002 on Isreal, the occupied West Bank and Gaza strip.

Meanwhile, An article from The Observer on Pim Fortuyn. He's an extreme rightwinger, a debater, a dandy, openly gay, and may very well enter the parliament with 10% of the vote. Not too bad coming out of the blue. Mind you, he is mad - it is in his eyes. Het Parool ran a frontpage article Pim nu ook voer voor Psychologen (Dutch only) . Still, there's a hard to underestimate anti-politics sentiment around that he taps into.
And the cabinet is about to resign en masse over Srebrenica disgrace, where the dutch government has not done enough to prevent the largest war crime in europe since WW2.
Half a year ago, this country seemed so boring.

I talked to my friend I. today about the demo. He's jewish, and actively involved in the palestina committee and the peace movement. He was so calm about it, said he'd seen it so often, and yet he doesn't give up. He was glad he had a good excuse not to attend though, he'd seen it coming as well, but he kind of shrugs and goes on.
But still, he doesn't give up. Thanks, man - inspiration in the micro-level.

In unrelated news, I still owe A. and G. a letter, M.'s visitinng in two days, the band is about to split up and I don't know what to buy S. for her birthday tomorrow yet.
In even more unrelated news, I couldn't get the ^&@#&^@#^ ssl certificate installed in the maintainance window tonight - shit. Which happened after I'd struggled for an hour with the authorisation server suddenly not working in the production environment, working flawlessly in the testbed before (ouch. it was pushing cookies outside its own domain. had to write an extra cookiepusher for each domain server by the middleware.)

I grabbed a biological frozen quattro fromaggio pizza on the way home - topped it of with fresh bell peppers - and it turned out delicious. That was a nice surprise.
The irony - I called a friend tonight, we had fun on the phone and she liked my idea of a project together, though she can't make it in time for the assignment, which is just as well cause I have someone else already. There's some trust and wisdom going on with us, as well as a lot of bullshit. But I felt relaxed in such a way that I let out a bit of lament on the uncertain parts of my life - cause, hey, life is very good at times, and it sucks major balls, too. still being so new to the game of being single. - and she took me way too seriously. Hey, I wanted a women's conversation, just a bit of listening - not a men's, where it's immediately about solving problems! As if they're problems. Yes they are. And yet they aren't. I can laugh at myself, I can cry at myself, and I do both. I know when I should be alone and keep to myself. So don't shoot me down, please. God, glad to get this off my chest. C., you're a real provoker, you know how to stir me up. And I should learn to stand up to you even more than I've learned already. We tend to aim past eachother - wonder what'll happen if we aim our sparks at eachother directly. Whaterver that'll be, it'll be charged.
And to finish it off - Fernando on the radio. There you are again, my friend. So good night. Love you all.

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