2002 / april / 13

really upset 2

about 200 youngsters rioted at the end of the demo, nu.nl article (dutch).
Presumably, the ones I saw earlier. Guess I saw it coming.
Next item on the news: Palesitinian rescue workers working near Jennin. Looked like the earthquake aftermath in Turkey: crumbled buildings, people trapped, everything in ruins.
Except that it wasn't an earthquake, but an army.
That is the dilemma. Guerilla warfare versus an ordinary army. With both sides not caring much for civilians - suicide bombers or tanks crushing houses where people are sheltering. Destroying the most basic infrastructure. Not just electricity - the drinking water and sewage mains. There'll be an outbreak of cholera soon, very soon.
It is ordinary people who suffer. But, may I add, what the Palestinian endure is of a different magnitude compared to what the Isrealis are going through.
Sick, sick, it makes me sick. What to do, what to do.

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