2013 / may / 17

Introducing... Three MDB!

...and we have lift-off. After much deliberating we've finally settled on a name for our new group. Us, that's me and four other highly talented and creative singers, and together we now call ourselves Three MDB.

Our mission: to make great music! (which just happens to be made with five voices). We perform a mixture of covers (our own arrangements or existing) and original material, as a group - we have multiple songwriters and arrangers aboard. This is going to be so much fun. In fact, it already is.

We settled on this name just in time for our debug gig, this Saturday... Yes, it's a tough choice between the Eurovision final and this fine event. But unless you're in Mamlo, here you can get much closer to the action! So, this Saturday, come to the Vierwindenhuis in Amsterdam at 20.00 for the Music Masters concert, a fine program of singing from Bach and Purcell to the great American songbook. And a sprinkling of original vocal music from Three MDB. And if you can't make it - keep an eye on our website, which won't remain as bare as it is now.

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