2012 / july / 28

Acapella arrangement: Price Tag, by Jessie J

This was the first arrangement I made for The Amsterdam Vocals. This group has fifteen singers, three times three soprano/alt/mezzo and three times two tenors/baritone/basses. David de Geus, the conductor of the Vocals, helped out to get the first version working, so much in fact that he deserves full co-credit. Though of course, all mistakes are mine!

I love the song. It's a great catchy pop tune, but with more depth than most. It really speaks the love of music. Hence a little gospel-inspired line I added in the chorus. It was fun to do, and very interesting to then see it rehearsed and performed.

This is the second version, July 2012.
Much thanks to the Dutch Arrangers group on Facebook, especially Rogier IJmker who gave a wealth of feedback.
This version is more legible (3 systems on a page instead of 2, rehearsal marks). Notes that bridge beats have been written tied, to make the patterns easier to learn.
The music was simplified in a few places, a few notes were altered, especially the baritone part. The verse now echoes the lead lyrics in several places in the chorus instead of ooh- and aah-ing.


PDF - Finale - MusicXML v3.0


As the full name of the license indicates Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike - you don't have to ask me permission to use any of these files, as long as you:

  • Attribute the arrangement properly: add the text Arrangement by Driek Heesakkers, driek.home.xs4all.nl;
  • don't use it for (clear) commercial purposes;
  • and when you make improvements, modifications or use it as part of a new work, the new work should be published under the same BY-NC-SA license.

If you want to use them under other circumstances, say on a recording that is for sale, the normal rules apply (meaning, you have to contact me).
Note that the license only applies to the arrangement. The compositions and lyrics themselves have their own copyright and accompanying (labyrinthic) rules for performing!
Of course, I'd appreciate a note if you use it, and improvements are more than welcome.

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