2009 / may / 24

Atlanta curses

Dear Atlanta,
What is it with you American cities? Ok, I know what it is, I just need to let off some steam.
First of all, the glorious weather on Sunday that totally fitted my jetlag.
Every day is like Sunday

Now, anyone can have a grey day. Worse is the average eatery. There are McDonaldses that serve burgers and fries. And Wendy's's, too. And local 1$ chains whose name I have already forgotten. So far, so good.
But further up the scale, it's not much better. Greasy spoons abound and not much else - at least, not until you know where to go. And that's the trouble: the first two days, I didn't.
At least they had veggie burgers. But they still gave me a pimple explosion on my chest as if I were a teenager.
Greasy spoon

And speaking of walking around - well, that's for the homeless and for hapless tourists.
Don't walk.
Atlanta seems to have a rather large homeless problem.

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