2008 / april / 13


Because I find it hard to write more, here are a few photos instead.

The rush

India is full of contradictions, it's one of the things that makes it such a fascinating place. The differences between the divine and the bottom of the deep are extreme. This was a very civilised scene at Coonoor's bus station, shot after we fought our way out of the bus from Ooty.

And then, there's this...

Smoked tea

The luscious looking tea plantations. So serene and quiet.

A weathered version of Switzerland (2)

The colours, the colours... in a climate where everything unattended becomes a distinctly dull shade of brown, colour becomes a sign of pride.

Temple detail

Tamil Nadu was clearly the hindu heartland - temples dotted the land, just about as much as mediaeval churches in the rolling hills of England. By which I mean, they're everywhere, but a marked difference, I didn't notice one in ruins. Some were less well to do than others, sure - but all were active houses of worship, with signs of fresh puja never more than a few days old.

To wrap up, this one, which I titled 'everybody loves a sunset'. As don't we all.

Everybody loves a sunset

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