2007 / october / 01

Our marriage

Wow! On the fifteenth of september, my mountain girl Milena answered "Si" when our friend Alberto asked us in the Fondo city hall to marry me. It was a wonderful day. Warm, emotional, festive, with tears and laughter.

Where to start... no pictures yet, that will be a little while. We have loads, but no computer to process them at the moment (a story for another time). The weather was wonderful, it was a glorious, sunny day. Milena looked absolutely stunning, and I wasn't dressed badly, either. Alberto did a great job - it was very nice that the ritual was performed by a friend, rather than a dignitary.

Then a big pranzo in the Hotel Lago Smeraldo. Sandro, the master cook, had worked together with us to come up with a full, six-course vegetarian lunch, and he did a fantastic, very creative job. The hotel was a perfect spot, overlooking the emerald green lake, and with such enthusiasm from the staff, who had really put their heart in. We felt so much at home, it was wonderful.

Gli sposi

Songs were sung, there was a little dancing, there were many speeches but none too long, a wedding cake that was light and perfectly in balance, in short a merry time was had by all.

Then a nice quiet luna di miele in the termal waters of Ischia, where not only the hotel did not have internet, but it seemed the whole island did not have it... and in the rooms, our phones had trouble to find network. No distractions, splendid!

More later, there is so much to tell, but all in due time.

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