2007 / june / 19

not the flickr post i wanted to write

I've come to love flickr, and was going to blog about how this community has changed my attitude to photography, improved my skills and inspired me to go further. But this is not that post.
Flickr staff have been handling several incidents in the last month terribly. Rather than repeating the story here, links:
Good overview by Franz Patzio. If you only read one thing, read this.
Flickr pool: Against censorship on flickr discussion board and lots of protest photos. Gives an idea of the impact on the active flickr community.
Nicht mit uns! Think flickr, think!
Lastly, El Reg, who usualy feel the pulse of the internet quite well, doesn't get it this time, which is unfortunate. The uproar has been all over the german media, but somehow has made little impact internationally.

My pro account runs til december, so I've got time. If it would be running out right now, I wouldn't quite be so sure...
I hope Flickr gets their act together. Heather Champs has shown in the past she can walk the thin line of keeping an community open and alive without letting the mob take over. I hope she and the other flickr staff can withstand the corporate pressure from yahoo, as my instinct tells me is at the root of the apparent change in attitude.

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