2006 / november / 24

One of us... one of us...

After holding out for five years, I've finally joined the cult of the iPod. I got a 4gb blue nano as a present for my birthday, and it blew me away. I've opened many apple products over the years, it's part of the joy of using macs. The iPod packaging has raised the bar to a whole new level though. What a nice little jewelbox (as in, a box for jewels, not the cd envelope)!
Then the iPod itself. Seen them so often, but to hold this one in my hand, knowing this sleek little machine is mine, to feel how light, and to actually use the scroll wheel interface rather than toy with it. Words fail me. It's wonderful.
Good, nuff said. It's a tool, albeit an outrageously elegent one. To listen to podcasts, and provide me with a soundtrack for moments where I feel for it. I've set the volume limiter pretty stringently. Not only are my ears precious to me, but I also want to stay aware of the world around me.
The white earbuds sound great, but they keep falling from my ears! so at least in one aspect I can still pretend to be a nonconformist. I'm using the earbuds from my last walkman - an Aiwa, I bought for my paper round.
Oh, and the first song it shuffled: Rummenige - by Meindert Talma. Then, on the way back, riding my bike along the canals in the dark became a very pleasant experience when the Chemicals' Star Guitar came on. And I had the soundtrack-to-your-life effect, where the sum was more than the parts. And I knew, so that's what all the brouhaha is all about...

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