2004 / august / 07

Buying Happiness

An article making the blogs: How not to buy happiness, by Robert H. Frank in Daedalus magazine.
In short, you can buy happiness with money, as long as you're careful what you spend it on. Makes sense, doesn't it? It seems to be a new idea for many.
By pure chance, I decided a while ago to negotiate a 32-hour week instead of 40 - I bought one day of freedom every week for one-seventh of my income. What a sweet deal. Tough negotiations with my bosses, but I got it done and yesterday was my first real Free Friday. Yay!
(and what did I spend it on? working all day in my house... and next week, friday's booked for one of my private clients... and the week after that, moving my girlfriend in... I have the nagging feeling that it's going to be difficult to actually take these days off.)

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