2004 / march / 11

Having money, yet not

I spent a ludicrous amount of time this morning getting money from where I have it now to where it needs to be... totally maddening. It's sitting here, but how to get it across the border to another account? Either it's a high fee and at least five working days delay, or an even higher fee (really high) to wire it, and then still no guarantee.
So this is the solution: I've got a Dutch friend in the same city who still has a Dutch bank account. Let's call him Robert. He however absolutely can't afford to go in the red. So in comes another friend, let's call him Mike, with a special Dutch bank account.

  1. I will transfer my money tonight to Mike, on his special merchants' account
  2. Mike's really helping me out here, as he's got enough dosh to put the money in my overseas' friends account today, before my money reaches him (it'll probably arrive after the weekend).
  3. Then Robert takes it out of the wall monday and give it to the friend who really needs it by then.

Insane, isn't it? The only fast, reliable way without paying through the nose. Man, it's good to have friends.

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