2003 / june / 12

Tickling Jesus

Today's little gem found on the web:

"I hope you have a spiritual path. It doesn't matter what kind, as long as you have some relationship with a benevolent source of life and love beyond your little ego. Having said that, I also want to advocate the importance of not taking your spiritual path too damn seriously. Grave fanaticism in any form, even if devoted to a noble cause, is dangerous not only to your mental health, but also to that of the people around you. This week it will be especially important for you to be playfully mocking towards that which you hold most sacred. Examples? Put underwear on a Buddha statue, insert a dirty limerick into your prayers to the Goddess, enjoy some heavy petting in a synagogue, visualize yourself tickling Jesus."

-- Rob Brezsny

Via Linkworthy . A few screens below the page linked, precisely here, In an entry named Metaticulous there are some interesting thoughts about MetaFilter.
Which made me nostalgic for a moment. I haven't gone there in two months.
I haven't had a drop of alcohol either, and only once three puffs of a joint. My life has gained a lot of focus since doing the Miracle of Love Intensive.
It's not dogmatic - when it's time, I'll enjoy a beer, smoke some weed or read MeFi again. Just that in the moments when I would have felt like it, it doesn't feel important enough. I want to stay focussed and sharp, and I can relax while doing that. I can dance wildly and sing, I can enjoy Italian icecream on the Nieuwmarkt, and order alcohol-free beers on a sunny terrace without even thinking about emberrassment.
And you won't hear me complaining about dates, either.
Feels mighty good actually.
I'm off to Munich again - to the Intensive, this time to staff. It's a great thing that anyone who has done it can come back to help out as a volunteer. I'm looking forward to a week of giving selflessly, if only because there won't be any time to stop and think about myself. Seriously, it's a great opportunity.

Note, added 2006: I no longer endorse MoL or the Intensive. Please read A warning on the Miracle of Love.

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