2002 / july / 25

Sometimes a dream ...

... is just a dream.
Does this sound familiar to you? Sometimes, I dream about an action, not necessarily world-shattering, for instance posting a letter, then a few days later it suddenly comes to me that I didn't really do it - the memory of doing it actually was a dream. And the envelope is still lying in the hallway on the outpile.
Well, I dreamt that since everything had gotten so expensive with the euroflation, instead of one and two euro coins, there were now two and three instead. The two the same as the current, the three similiar but even bulkier, bigger than the old 5 deutschmark.
And I just picked up my wallet - heavy today, lots of change - and it flashed by that the dream I had was just that. A dream. That it werent' all those three-euro coins that made it so heavy. That, shudder, they don't exist at all!
Oh, nice one. Silly me. <grin>

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