2002 / june / 11

feeling grateful & graceful

Peter and Aneeta Makena were in town this weekend, for a concert on friday followed by a two-day Soulsound Seminar. I went to both and it was fantastic.

The concert was heartdance like I remember it from Pune (*). It's very different from a traditional semi-acoustic concert, where the musicians play and the audience listens politely, or from a rock concert (by which I mean, a wall of amplified sound, so that includes Moby and Faithless ok?) where you can dance and let go in experiencing the sounds and lights - almost always, that's letting go in escape.
This kind of concert is different. There is much singing along, or rather, together. There is intense listening, and silent pauses inbetween, to close your eyes and feel inside. And joint dances, based on sufi and other traditions.
Most importantly, the musician's ego is much less in the centre. The artist is doing the work for a higher goal than just self-gratification and that just doesn't get along with a being-a-star trip. Which is humbling for the artist, and brings down the barrier between those on stage and those who aren't (not that there's a high stage at concerts like this, but there is a difference between playing area and the rest, of only because of the position of the speakers and mikes).

The group went further where the concert stopped. Singing mantras, chants, and going within. All with few and simple words spoken and sung. And, importantly, it was a very inspired and intensive gathering, with a willingness to go in from the very beginning - we supported each other, everyone in the group. Thank you guys. We'll sing some more soon.
And God, all the singing did me so much good. Inner and outer. It was a while since I'd done a seminar, and I was glad in a humble way to see that I've dropped so much of my endless worrying about what other people think of me. I just wasn't busy with it. Just at some point I looked at myself, seeing how much I was just being me then, and I realised how very rare that has been in my life til only a little while ago.

It was a very down-to-earth workshop - no big deal was made about anything - everything that was there, in the room, invoked by our chants, expression, prayer, was just there for whoever wanted to see it. And I want to say especially that Peter and Aneeta did such a great job creating the atmosphere in which this could happen. Very good. Caring, open, and cutting spot-on when necessary. They are two very loving folks. If you get the chance to see them, go for it.

* where they don't do it anymore, apparently - all things pass, my heart goes out to Shantidharma though, who's living and breathing his heartdance. Hope he's alright. If he'd do a weekend somewhere in europe I'd go!

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