2002 / may / 03

is that all there is ... ?

Saw the movie Star Wars tonight, for the first time. Really, I'd never seen it yet. I didn't think I had high expectations, but I was curious what all the fuss was about. With all the brouhaha about it being an epic tale of good and evil for our time. Well. Well, well, well. Was this what it is all about? What apparently millions of people are wild about? Who's fooling who? What crap, OMG. Cheap jokes, a plot, too lengthy at times, yet jumping lightly over some grand holes.
What a load of shallow crap. Entertaining at times, indeed, but a modern-day Odyssey? There are so many much more interesting stories told in various mediums, even if you restrict it to space opera.
Now what makes me sit down and write in my blog at exactly one minute past midnight, again?

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