2002 / april / 17

Ingrid Betancourt

A slow but steady stream of visitors keeps trickling to this blog searching google for info on the kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt in Columbia. Unfortunately, google points to the blog page with recent entries, but since I wrote about her here, two months ago, the entry itself moved to the archive page for february. So I've added a direct link to the archive page that holds the entry in the sidebar.
I also found more links on the case of this courageous woman:

Living with fear - interview by a dutch radio station, both text and 30 minute realaudio. The interview was done before her kidnapping but the program was broadcast afterwards. Ironically, the program is called A good life.
www.ingridbetancourt.com - official website.
Friends of Ingrid Betancourt - dedicated to her release.

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