2002 / april / 10

reading on the israel/palestine conflict

A dire list of must-read articles from the mainstream press:
A relatively unbiased TIME article on the 'suicide bomber phenonemon'.
LA Times article on Isreals crushing of the palestinian police, which it apparently so far had never attacked.
Haaretz article tells the story of a forty year old teacher from Ramallah's arrest and interrogation. Note this is an Israeli newspaper!
There's a Mefi thread on the Time-article, but alas with a low signal-to-noise ratio.

Even direr must-reads from more alternative sources:
Bitter Lemons, which every week invites two israelis and two palestinians to write on a subject. Intellectual, thoughtful, which is refreshing - and it is sad to see how wide the gap is, even here. Still, it is dialogue.
Live from palestina 'the electronic intifadah, a resource for countering myth, distortion and spin from the israeli media war machine'. Straight from the raw nerve, so to say.
There are many, many eyewitness blogs from both sides, to balance it out here's one from the Israeli side: Tal G. from Jerusalem.
So sad, so sad. But the worst thing to do is turn my head, so I try to keep reading up, and try to feel what it'd be like to be inside that whole mess, rather than in my nice, safe and boring life.

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