2002 / april / 06

Midsummernight's Burn

I signed up for the Midsummernight's Burn - send three cdrs with my favourite music to three randomly chosen participants, and hopefully get three as well. From the list of participants it looks like I can expect something far more alternative than I've been for years, which might be, well, refreshing. Cause I threw a lot of stuff out over the years, but not my eighties' tapes stuffed with songs recorded from John Peel and VPRO's De Wilde Wereld. Hope the receivers of the cd I've already started assembling in my head will appreciate the rather eclectic selection though...
Just kidding. Not knowing is the whole point, and I'm really looking forward to being introduced to music that I'd have never come across otherwise, that's the spirit isn't it?
Last week, I spend an hour in the Gigantic record store (which as you might've guessed, is a tiny place. Record storette, so to say). I walked in and asked the guy behind the counter if he could recommend me some stuff and he could, and rather than letting me listen on the headphones he asked if it was ok to put it on in the store, since there weren't many people at this outer end of the afternoon. Of course that was fine - and he got very enthousiastic.
Walked out with Nick Drake (that he was amazed I'd never heard, and now that I have, so am I), Idlewild, Coldplay and a long list of records to buy when I'll have more money in the bank.
[ you can sign up 'til the 10th of april - you need to be in europe & maintain a blog ]

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