2002 / march / 27

a portrait

Been taking lots of photographs again recently, developing films (and seriously screwed one up - well, it's all in the game), doing some darkroom work. Slow going, though. Tonight, while I should've done my taxes in the wee hour between coming home from band rehearsal and needing to go to bed, I've been looking at pictures, sorting, ordening, making mental lists of which ones need more time, larger prints, or need to get binned.
I've been surfing photoblogs recently and came across a few nice ones that combined the directness of digital cameras with a sense of wonder. Especially the '1 photo a day'-type of blogs: cause with all the freedom that a digital gives, setting yourself a limitation (one a day, not less, not more) seriously helps.
I'm pretty happy with the oldfashioned way I'm doing imagery now, all the time and effort required to see the result makes every roll of film, and every shot precious. So, I haven't got a digital camera. But damn, I haven't even got a scanner. Frustrating, cause there are a few I'd love to put up right now.
So rather than one from the small pile that's waiting on my desk to be taken to a scanner - here's a slighly older one, with a story attached to it. For my grandma's birthday, I wanted to make a portrait of her, or of her with grandpa, that was up to her. She thinks she never looks good on a photograph, you see. So I took them outside in gorgeous sunny winter afternoon weather, and we had fun, and ... well. I'm amazed, this one really works. And she's very happy with it, too. So, I proudly present: my first real portrait that I'm not unhappy with!
Can you image the time it took to give the grey hair a little depth? I had to expose that part three times as long as the main part... carefully avoiding the shaded side of especially my grandma's face... anyway. It looks ok on screen, but believe me it looks very nice on a large (24x30cm) print.

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