2002 / march / 14

Listen... do you wanna know a secret...

Now this is news to share! As far as I'm allowed.
A certain celebrity popstar came across an old cd of a friend of mine, a record that came out nine years ago and never sold much. He was so taken by it that my friend then received a phonecall from the celeb's secretary if he could play a gig at a party.
It's like a military operation... a celebrity that I cannot name, yes i've been told who - so very exciting! I would be very, very honored if a musician of his statue would like my music so much he'd call me. A gig at a party somewhere this summer, at an undisclosed location for an undisclosed reason.
I don't even know if i can give my friend's name... It's such deserved recognition. It's his best record, the one that sold least, the one this celeb heard.

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