2002 / january / 08


and i hardly wrote anyting about Madrid yet. I loved that town. Spent five days there with my sister who's living there for a year - and luckily, is studying spanish.
I loved the vibe of the nightlife there. On the streets, in the pubs, clubs. In the Metro (last trains leave half past one). So many people - of very mixed age, strangely seeing that made me realise that i miss that pretty much anywhere else i've been. It's nice that the teen crowd don't dominate. And very little real drunkenness on the streets, therefore, no vibes of violence. Of course i only had a little taste of the city, but my sis told me that my impression was quite accurate.
(met two very nice girls that i could not exchange half a sentence with - no english, no french, only spanish. and dancing and common hand-and-feet language. they told me to learn spanish and come back, in a rather demanding tone... not a bad idea...)
i grabbed some photos, will put them online tomorrow.

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