2001 / december / 05

Fernando Lameirinhas

been listening to Fernando Lameirinhas a lot today. The man who cannot help but smile when he sings.
I met him eight years ago, when I attended a songwritingworkshop at the Buitenkunst festival/fair/whatevertocallit, which he did so well, encouraging everyone in the very varied group to go for their own unique talent. A combination of enthousiasm, humbleness and love for music and people.
So after that course, I had to check him out and luckily, he played an open-air concert in the vondelpark a week later. And he blew me away! When he sings, plays, and sees that his band's swinging, he can't help but smile. Enjoyment. And it's contagious, too. And then I haven't said a word about his wonderful songs or the band...
Every now and then I run into him again and he's always very friendly. I once met him around dinnertime where of course I had to come in, from which I remember the tea from fresh lemongrass, the best meal I'd had someone cook me in my life 'til then, and that he's got the same smile and enjoyment for his family as he's got on stage - he's such a great father!
So, co cut it short: go and see him, he plays all over europe (though on the current agenda only gigs in the benelux are listed). And get his cd's. Start with the latest, the double-live album. It's great.

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